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Homes for Veterans

Turning REO Properties into Homes for Heroes!

Soldier On and Money Management International are working together to provide eligible Veterans and their families with a rehabilitated, single family residences along with the support and guidance necessary to maintain successful, independent permanent housing. 

The “Homes for Veterans” program is committed to changing the end of the story for military Veterans, and the program addresses the two key components of success – offering the right property and providing ongoing education and support.


The Right Property

This program creates affordable, sustainable homes for veterans by accepting REO properties from servicers and investors and rehabbing them to a standard comparable to other properties in the neighborhood, to include any modifications or accommodations needed by the Veteran. Veterans who reach readiness goals can purchase the home at a 50-70% of appraised value.


Ongoing Education and Support

Veterans accepted into the program receive 36 months of assistance to help ensure their success.  Each receives an individualized service plan with a timetable for achievement of pre-established goals to be certain the Veteran is prepared financially and is confident about their ability to tackle homeownership.   We also assist them post-purchase to make a successful transition, by supporting lifestyle adjustments, setting goals and prioritizing choices.


All this work is coordinated with Soldier On’s best-in-class expertise to ensure Veterans get access to all the programs and resources they need and deserve. 


Corporate Supporters

Many organizations are joining in to help our military Veteran families with this opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Current partners include Citi Mortgage; Kathy Ireland and Tommy Mehary of Kathy Ireland Worldwide; SG Blocks; Star Flooring; Home1Source; and Lennox Heating and Cooling; and others are being added monthly.

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