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Fair Housing Education

Fighting for You

Money Management International and Soldier On are part of a collaboration of five nonprofit organizations joined to identify, educate, and advocate for potential victims of fair housing discrimination in communities across the nation.

Sadly, housing discrimination continues to be a problem in our country.  Rather than overt acts, discrimination today frequently manifests as the absence of information or action.  Veterans with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to housing discrimination.

Veterans are a unique population. In volunteering to serve their country, they demonstrate an unyielding commitment to their community. That commitment and will to serve often continues even after their military service is complete. This lifelong will to serve, and deep connection to their community, means that veterans are uniquely equipped to recognize victims of discrimination around them and to carry fair housing information through to their communities.

Through our collaboration, our aim is to increase awareness of fair housing rights among veteran populations, their families, and neighbors nationwide, and provide an easily accessible mechanism for submitting complaints, thereby lowering the risk and painful effects of discrimination for those who have already given so much in service to our country.

This collaborative will provide 3,167 hours of fair housing education to 14,000 potential discrimination victims and to the non-profit housing counseling and advocacy groups that serve them.  Veterans who have experienced discrimination will also be able to submit a complaint through the HLP system.

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