Five Months Goes by Fast 


How are you settling in? We’ve gained a lot of knowledge from your survey results and will be publishing some insightful numbers for all of the participating homeowners to view.

Have you had a chance to take stock of your furniture collection? Coming from renting in a smaller space to owning a home can sometimes be a bit underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time.  Mostly because you have realized that you may not have enough pieces to fill out your house completely.  But rest assured, this is a common feeling.

Remember:  Rome wasn’t built in a day!  

Your home doesn’t need to be perfect in mere months.  Be sure to take your time and shop smart.  Check out local thrift stores and hit up your weekend yard sales to find furniture treasures.  Save the credit cards for emergency items only.

Do you have any tips to fill your house on a budget? Share below: